Our Team

  • Elena Taube Bailey

    Executive Director

    Elena's passion for animals was evident from a young age when she would tend to injured birds and other animals that she encountered. Elena is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University teaching graduate courses in Applied Intelligence, and has over a 17 year career in national security for the U.S. government. At Wild Things Media, Elena is working toward protecting animals across the nation. Her main focus is on prevention- applying preventative measures that keep animals from getting injured in the first place.

    Elena's bio can be found at: ElenaBailey.com

  • David Taube

    Director of Operations

    David, from an early age, has cared for a variety of animals: from a frog, mouse, turtle, lizard, and hamster to a German Shepard and Husky. David works in financial consulting at the Boston Consulting Group, and has over 11 years experience in business management, finance, and strategy. He is excited to grow Wild Things Media so that it could have a significant positive impact on the welfare of animals nation-wide.

  • Jodi Terhorst

    Director of Communications & Research

    Jodi is passionate about preserving, aiding, and advocating for wildlife and nature. She has had a very successful career in the U.S. military (Air Force) and the federal government where she serves as the Section Chief at the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence and Analysis. Jodi is excited to leverage her strong experience and follow her passion at Wild Things Media to make a significant positive impact on the welfare of animals and the environment.

  • Danielle Brigida

    Director of Digital Media

    Danielle is passionate about protecting wildlife and working with others to find ways to help nature through available technology. She has had a very successful career at the Department of Interior as the Acting Deputy Director of Digital Strategy, and has been mentioned as one of the 10 Most Generous Social Media Mavens by Fast Company; one of the 75 Environmentalists to be followed by Mashable; One of 10 People to Follow Who are Saving the World by Mother Nature Network; and a runner-up for PR News Social Media Leader of the year in 2010. Danielle looks forward to leveraging her digital media skills at Wild Things Media. 

  • Nicole Payne

    National Campaign Director -

    Watch For Wildlife

    Nicole is passionate about land and ocean wildlife. At Wild Things Media, she is leading the effort to consolidate wildlife-vehicle collision prevention programs across the United States, to raise program awareness, to educate drivers on ways to prevent collisions with wildlife, encourage collision reporting and data collection, and advocate for the inclusion of wildlife collision mitigation plans in road design. In addition to advancing this effort, Nicole has had strong experience working as a contractor at various U.S. government agencies. 

  • Karen Brace

    Director of Wildlife Rehabilitator Relations

    Karen has been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Virginia since 2012. She has also served in the U.S. military, and had a successful career as a consultant. Karen is dedicated to educating the public about North America's only native marsupials through Awesome 'Possum, and seeks to leverage her professional experience to advance Wild Things Media collaboration with rehabilitators and various organizations. 

  • Lina Tishchenko

    West Coast Regional Ambassador

    Lina is passionate about animal welfare, and seeks to leverage her experience as a Registered Nurse in California to advance animal welfare through Wild Things Media. 

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